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Informations about our plugins and this site (FAQ)

Copyright notice: all pictures, software, music, photos on these pages are (C) WOK.   Although the plugins are free, they are NOT public domain. You are not allowed to resell, publish or lend the plugins. Copies are only allowed as personal backups. No distribution on other sites, CD, DVD without permission of the author. No further support for the plugins is provided.

All plugins are 32bit Windows VST plugins .  They will work on Windows 64 when used in a 32bit DAW. They should work on 64bit hosts with the hosts integrated bridge or 32to64 VST bridges like jbridge. You may try to run the plugins on Mac with the free VFX Host Software and Soundflower
The MIDI plugins are also VST (not MFX). All plugins should work with any standard VST host like Reaper, Cubase or Energy.  Presonus Studio One and Ableton Live are known for compatibility issues with many plugins on the market.

Some Plugins need special MIDI or audio routing for all functions. Please always read the Readme and Manual that comes with the plugin and your host.

How to install a plugin?
Our plugins don’t have an installer. Just copy the files in the ZIP archive into your hosts VST directory (or a subdirectory you created). If you have Win7 or Vista you need to set write access rights to the directory.

Are the free plugins really free?
They are free to use for any private or commercial musical project. Some have a reminder nagscreen at startup to ask for a donation. There are no other limitations. However it is not allowed to redistribute, sell, recompile or publish copies somewhere without our permission.

Do the plugins have a copy protection?
No! Our plugins do not have a protection like elicenser or C/R. The costs and drawbacks would be higher than the benefits. We believe in the honesty of our customers, not to copy the results of our hard work for other people.
The customer is allowed to install a plugin on all his computers. Reselling, lending or republishing ist not allowed.

Does any plugin contain adware or spyware or make changes on my computer system?
 NO !  We even do not use .exe installers - you just copy the content of the delivered archive into your DAWs plugin folder. Upon the first start, the plugins will create a subfolder with necessary work files (that’s why the folder needs to have write access for the user). By deleting the .dll and subfolder all of the plugin will be removed. Some old virus scanners reported false positives with some plugin work files. These where not true and do not show up with recent antivirus programs that are up-to-date.

Are the plugins available for MAC OSX?
Sorry, no. It’s not planned in the near future. You may try to run the plugins on Mac with the VFX Host Software and Soundflower.

When downloading a plugin, what do I do with that file?
You receive a ZIP archive that has to be unpacked, for example with Winzip, 7Zip or the unpacker in Windows. The content needs to be placed in the folder, where your DAWs plugins are , for example
Write-access required.

What sample rated are supported?
All plugins should work at all sample rates.

What are the system requirements for the plugins?
Most of our plugins need little CPU and RAM power only. Any 2Ghz CPU with 512MB RAM should be enough. Any VST compatible host like Reaper, EngergyXT or Cubase will do. If your host is 64bit use jbridge.

Why should I donate if I can get the plugins for free?
First of all it is a "thank you" to the developer. Second there are additional plugins in the pack available only to donators. Last but not least please read here for what the money is needed

I did not receive a mail.
Mailing may take some minutes or more. Please check your spam-folder and your spam-filter. GMAIL and YAHOO are known for problems. Please whitelist WOKWAVE.COM or use another mail address. Is your mailbox full/out of quota? Did you misspell your email-address? If you donated, mail will only be sent after the Paypal-process if fully completed. If you did not receive a mail after one hour please contact us.

When I order or contact you, is my email address private?
We do NOT give away any data of our customers. We save your email address to inform you about updates or important news of our plugins. We do not send galore spam.

 I have seen your plugins sold on other pages for low price (for example as OEM versions) ?!
 WOK plugins can only be obtained here from our page or at ShareIt, Sellfy and Oronjo ! 
We do not offer OEM versions or allow other persons to sell our plugins, so what you see sometimes on other pages (together with other expensive software) are illegal copies!

I have other questions about the functionality / usage of the plugins.
Please read here why I can not give any further support!

What is PayPal
PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. PayPal serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders. (WikiPedia)

What is a download key
A download key is a combination of random letters and numbers, a 'secret' code. With a valid key you can download your purchase from the webshop. After use the key will expire and is no longer valid.

I donated by e-check, swift, or bank transfer but did not receive a download key
These payment methods take time. The download key will only be emailed when the payment has been received. Depending on the payment method you choose this might take serveral days. The fastest payment choice is to pay with an instant payment method such as paypal (and credit card).


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